Twitter writing starts with a KISS

Keep it Simple and Short (KISS)  Twitter is simple 140 characters, post a message and re-tweet (RT) others messages with a comment. For most the goal is to have your message RTed by as many people as possible. This means you are super cool and very popular.  Keeping your original message intact is important so leave room for others comments and still stay under 140 characters. A simple formula to follow:

80 characters message + 10 character shortened Link = 90 characters


PRDA Twitter post good


Recode Twitter bad post

*note 18 people tried to RT this post

When RTed it looks like this:


PRDA Twitter post good 2


RECODE Twitter post bad 2

* note how the link to the important information is cut off? 18 people RTed a broken message

How to write for Twitter, KISS:

  • Delete unnecessary words
  • Abbreviate
  • Change word order
  • Use punctuation


Twitter is one of the easiest communication tools to use, but for reasons unknown even the super Gurus of social media make the most basic of errors all too often.

Changes to:

Twitter is easy, but even Social Media Gurus make big mistakes (61 characters)

Much success,



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