Facebook slows and puts the squeeze on organic

Facebook has been following some disappointing trends lately. These are stagnating growth on new subscribers and increased emphasis on “pay to play” performance. Facebook started out embracing the youthful idealism which staunchly protected the individual. But as Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg mature into more sensible adults, that zeal is replaced by good financial prudence. We see dramatic negative shifts in post performance being exacted on Fan’s news feeds and organic reach while seeing increases in paid promotions are strongly favored. 

Locowise Feb 17, 2014

The weekly stats put out by Locowise clearly shows huge decreases in organic reach and the effectiveness of a non-promoted (paid) post. When Facebook removed itself from the Edge Rank standard, like when Nixon removed the U.S. from the Gold Standard, rules for the common man no longer apply. Only those with money and influence can decipher and influence policy. Facebook is trading it’s most valuable asset, User Generated Content (UGC) for the most tedious of revenue models, advertising. Facebook will be around for a long time with 1.2 billion members, but I for one am quickly losing interest. 

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