Is Google getting ahead of the lawsuits? Facebook ratings display

Recently Google has made 2 changes. 1. agreed to post competitor and 2. include Facebook’s 5 star rating in SERP.

1.  Google dodged a 5 billion dollar bullet by agreeing to share competitor information next to theirs. This is primarily relating to how results display top line for shopping searches. It is unclear on how this will benefit the general public but it was a critical to maintaining an open and competitive market place. Just because people have chosen Google as their main search engine does not mean that they have automatically selected it to make all of their decisions for them. What is curious is why the Europeans are always the ones that need step in and the U.S. does nothing.

Google Search Results Page

2. Facebook 5 star rating makes an appearance in search. Is Google trying to get ahead of lawsuits or do they realize that giving people options is actually better business? Who is to know. But we do know is that you can now find your Facebook 5 star ratings in Google search.

Google search Facebook 5 star

Open and free exchange of information benefits everyone. Businesses attempts to limit access only hurts them and others in the long run. Let’s hope Google is starting to learn from the mistakes of MicroSoft.

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