Who me? Yes I am talking to you!

I am really quite peeved with a growing group of sharing sluts that take no responsibility for their actions and are more concerned with their self aggrandizement than contributing anything of value. Perhaps I am a little more invested than the average person because I am a long time student of human behavior and pretty heavy into social media. During the years I have seen dramatic shifts in the decline of “Share” quality. I find this very disappointing as I am a staunch believer that the greatest aspect of social media is that everyone of us has an equal voice. It is the democratization of the Internet and with that comes some responsibility.  There are two basic actions that I find particularly offensive.

1. Several weeks ago an executive in a prominent social media agency posted, what seemed to be, an outrageous article. I called him on it and his reply was “don’t shoot the messenger”. Well, yes I am going to F***ing shoot the messenger. When you chose to select a piece of content and republish it under your name there is accountability. Social media posting allows adding a comment so your position on the content can be made clear. If you choose not to use this then . . .

who-me 2

2. The second is those people that contribute nothing to the conversation other than a stream of reposted, prepackaged content. If these posts are truly an expression of your sentiment, then that is fine. But you could, at the very least, add the smallest comment to personalize it. To demonstrate that you are human and not some bot pulling down content based on keywords and shooting it back out. If adding the smallest of comment is too great a burden than perhaps you should go lie down and rest rather than posting. Really, I think you should.

Recently a friend posted a quote written by him and passed down from his mother;

 “I am a man of few words because my mum used to teach me – if you don’t have anything constructive to say, breathing is better than speaking.” – Michael Lam

Much success,



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