Facebook why don’t you like Mom’s and Chinese Language?

Dear Facebook,

Facebook advertising seems to unfairly target Chinese language and Mothers to be for rejections. My agency PRDA Asia uses  the Facebook advert platform for our clients and have about 200 adverts running at any time. The rejection rate is low at about 4 per week so that is good. What is odd is that they seem to fall clearly into 2 categories:

  • Chinese language rejected for profanity
  • Anything to do with pregnant women

Chinese language profane? Mark’s profile on Facebook states he knows Mandarin and his wife, Priscilla Chan speaks Cantonese and whereas I don’t think they personally review every Chinese language ad, it seems that there should be some basic understanding. Chinese language adverts routinely get rejected for being “vulgar” or “threatening” which is silly as even the embarrassingly bad Google translate shows they are not.  I am thinking Facebook may not be happy with China?

FB Chinese ad rejected

The embarrassingly bad Google translation may be unintelligible but it is not profane.

“Maybe you have seen it and not know canal system baa # fruit, drainage structures similar shape with cherry tomatoes. Canal baa? Actually canal called Physalis, Zhong many benefits of rack!”

Pregnant women get no break with Facebook. If you have a baby bump get used to a difficult time on Facebook ad platform. Pregnant women are different than non-pregnant women and Facebook seems to have a problem with “different”.  The rejection below is absurd. If Demi Moore can pose nude while pregnant well then what do you have to say Facebook?

Facebook dislikes mothers

Or this one which is even more curious. Eating well while pregnant suggests achieving and ideal body shape? Hummmm, isn’t that the point and doesn’t biology have a little bit to do with the bump?

Facebook adverts dislike pregnant women

At PRDA  we use adverts sparingly as we are very good at organic results and believe that paid creates an unsustainable and artificial community where ROI and Fan satisfaction becomes difficult to interpret. However, it does have its use. That is why I find it alarming that we consistently run into problems with 2 categories of Adverts. Those in Chinese and those directed at Mothers to be. We will continue to promote our clients in an honest and engaging way to ensure that true Fans receive the information they need and feel good about sharing with their friends. Let’s hope that Facebook catches up to this concept soon.

Much success,



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