Actions speak louder than words: The future is Video

I listen to what people say and then watch what they do. I find peoples actions more closely align with the truth than their words. So When 2 giant companies on opposite ends of the planet do the same thing at the same time, I take notice. Disney and Alibaba both disclosed investment in online production companies. The power of video for communicating has been obvious since the early daze of YouTube. But it has recently seen a major resurgence. With YouTube and YouKu still offering free hosting, Smartphone’s becoming ubiquitous, 3G networks the default, and great apps like Vine and Instagram it is little wonder that the next big win in  Branded Content arena is video production.  Whereas companies can produce much of their own text and image branded content in-house or readily receive outside support, video production has always been a bit more involved.

Disney to buy online video

Additionally, what Alibaba knows is that the connection between video and purchase is strong. Persons who have watched an online product video are more likely to purchase, report being satisfied, and less likely to return the product. That is good business.

Another magical thing about Video especially in Asia is its ability to communicate with minimal words. Asia is often said to be 16 countries with 17 languages and  when you can communicate across all with a single message that is cost effective.

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When I first started into social media it was with video http://www.SO-U.TV. It is long since gone, but I thought then what I know now, it is the future of social media.

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