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Why We Can’t WeChat? Insider information on new accounts

It is curious about how things work in the land that begins with a C and ends with an A. For quite a number of weeks opening new business accounts for WeChat have seemed to stall completely.  Since this is the new darling of Asia social media, that is quite a surprise. One would think this is the time to ramp up membership. To further add to the confusion, big news has been coming down about self-service advertising platforms which clearly suggests big plans for big money are still in the works.



We finally have a person on the inside spill the beans. It appears that the reason new accounts are on hold are due to restrictions by people who run C&A. It is completely unclear why this restriction is in place, but concerns by some on content shared by some that is not appreciated by all is as good a reason to believe in. Up until the recent suspension, to open a biz account you had to have a picture taken of an employee holding their ID card. I am not sure what this was to prove, but nuttier is always the favorite flavor of C&A.

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Very generous advice about how to kick ass for your startup using crowd funding from the ladies of Aurza. Thanks Stephanie!


Last week I had great fun presenting at the General Assembly info session as an ex alumni of Jay Oatway’s Digital Marketing Course. At the end, as I was talking to some really interesting start-ups, it struck me that the majority of questions were around how we made our recent Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign such a success. So whilst this is a lot longer than our normal posts, we hope that you will find our top 10 tips for crowdfunding success here in Asia invaluable to setting up your own campaigns….


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China hates sex, uses WeChat to track down offenders

I am American where displays of horrific violence is good entertainment, but suggestions of intimacy between people justifies a Supreme Court Ruling so I know something about being messed up about sex. Of course, not messed up like the German’s and Japanese – I think they have their own chapter in the DSM3.  But messed up enough to know that China needs to get themselves sorted. Chinese have over a billion people and we can assume from that they know how to put the round peg in the . . .  hole. Additionally, the Chinese are genetically represented virtually everywhere in the world. I like that, it shows great openness toward new cultures if not outright friendliness full stop. So why do they play these insane games with themselves.

China crack down on prostitution with WeChat

China instated a one child rule when there was no practical form of contraception. This had got to have been a challenge not to mention full on frustrating. So you would think that alternative ways to allow the “overflow” to escape would be made available. But noooooooooo! China has maintained a zero tolerance on pornography, GASP, YES! and has kept a very dim view on prostitution. The exception being in State run hotels where officials can charge it to their expense accounts. China now seems to be taking a much harder stance on prostitution and social media is proving to be one of their best weapons in the fight. Ain’t nothing like a little sexting and a lot of monitoring to bring down the poonany trade. I have always been an advocate of responsible sex practices. Consenting adults, respect, and all that other stuff, but I am concerned about living so close to a country with over a billion people that can’t get their nut. I am feeling a little like living in Pompeii just before Mount Vesuvius blows.

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Did Sina Weibo get too big for its britches?

Sina Weibo is becoming quite uppity following it successful U.S. IPO which generated a quarter million USD with its Nasdaq listing. In advance of listing Sina Weibo started to “clean” itself up making  it more attractive to foreign investors and reduce conflict with China regulators.  This “clean up” almost derailed the IPO because Sina Weibo did 2 things that made it look like the app had reached it zenith and was sliding down the backside. They:

Fat man

  1. Shut down comments to restrict social noize
  2. Cleared out zombie and questionable accounts


These two actions, understandably, looked like serious government intervention and a huge slow down of Sina Weibo as a viable and growing social site. It is in fact, just the opposite and these actions by Sina Weibo were a brave. Most Westerners not familiar with Chinese social sites may not be aware that social pollution is an important part of Chinese marketing strategy. Appearance is everything and so use of Fake profiles (zombie accounts) and paid comments (gunners) is “the” core strategy of China marketing. Sina Weibo dealt this a blow in advance of the IPO to deliver more accurate user numbers.


And then it all changed. Post IPO Sina Weibo has gotten a little full of itself. Considering it only raised half the money it wanted that half seemed to go straight to its head. Sina Weibo again did 2 things:


  1. Zombie accounts rise from the dead: After cleaning up the numbers for the IPO they then must have realized that to continue to support the share price continued demonstration of growth real or otherwise.
  2. That’s a months salary!? I have been delivering social media solutions to China for 10 years and in the 10 years service has been consistent. . . non existent! But post IPO they have implemented a fee structure for getting Verified and even with payment of the fee they still won’t respond. They have gone full blown mainland service on the world.


The fees structure, regardless of the service level, is creating a burden on business. Many small businesses are taking advantage of the marketing benefits of social media, but increasingly these benefits are being put out of reach by fees and restricted functionality. A Verification from Sina Weibo is only RMB 2,400 (U.S. 300) which does not seem like much, but that is the monthly salary of a University graduate in China. When put into perspective it is a lot of money. Sina Weibo maybe focusing on big business but 90% of business pages are from small business and that means that 90% of the business content likely comes from small business. Think about it.

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Too big for your britches

Is Linkedin the Western Darling of China?

LinkedIn is accomplishing something in China which no other social media site has been able. They are growing and remaining unblocked! But how long can this last? I think that depends on LinkedIn and their strategy going forward.

Whereas 5 million may seem like a low number, it is large considering its short history. If Linkedin’s last quarter growth is annualized we see triple digits this year and for the foreseeable future as long as it avoids being blocked. One of the primary reasons that Linkedin has remained off the China government radar is its focus on B2B relationships. China government’s main concern about social media has always been its lightening rod quality for social opinion. Linkedin has historically been fairly clean of social gossip and focused exclusively on building professional business relationships. However, this may not be the case going forward.

Technode Linkedin reaches 5 million in China

Linkedin has made significant changes to its layout and with those changes have come changes in message type and tone. Linkedin has better integrated itself with posting services like Hootsuite and Buffer which allow people to publish to multiple platforms at one time. The result is that people are less discriminating on what they post where, often opting for a “post everywhere” approach so content is becoming more homogeneous across social media sites. Additionally, some of the biggest changes have come to the business pages themselves. LinkedIn has done away with the easy to use and maintain tabs and replaced them with cumbersome, difficult to set up, impossible to maintain, questionable purpose showcase pages. When I searched for “LinkedIn showcase pages” on Google the 3rd result was article on why NOT to open Showcase pages. I think they summarize my opinions well.

social media today reasons not to use Linkedin showcase pages

As LinkedIn continues to move to a more mainstream look and feel for it site they will continue to invite a looser category of content. With this comes a distraction from the core purpose and greater attention from scrutinizing parties. My advice to businesses and those that choose to use LinkedIn as a business source,  to use discipline in your posts and actions. Be cautious not to mix work and play and this will assist you in making and making the most of business opportunities on LinkedIn.

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