China hates sex, uses WeChat to track down offenders

I am American where displays of horrific violence is good entertainment, but suggestions of intimacy between people justifies a Supreme Court Ruling so I know something about being messed up about sex. Of course, not messed up like the German’s and Japanese – I think they have their own chapter in the DSM3.  But messed up enough to know that China needs to get themselves sorted. Chinese have over a billion people and we can assume from that they know how to put the round peg in the . . .  hole. Additionally, the Chinese are genetically represented virtually everywhere in the world. I like that, it shows great openness toward new cultures if not outright friendliness full stop. So why do they play these insane games with themselves.

China crack down on prostitution with WeChat

China instated a one child rule when there was no practical form of contraception. This had got to have been a challenge not to mention full on frustrating. So you would think that alternative ways to allow the “overflow” to escape would be made available. But noooooooooo! China has maintained a zero tolerance on pornography, GASP, YES! and has kept a very dim view on prostitution. The exception being in State run hotels where officials can charge it to their expense accounts. China now seems to be taking a much harder stance on prostitution and social media is proving to be one of their best weapons in the fight. Ain’t nothing like a little sexting and a lot of monitoring to bring down the poonany trade. I have always been an advocate of responsible sex practices. Consenting adults, respect, and all that other stuff, but I am concerned about living so close to a country with over a billion people that can’t get their nut. I am feeling a little like living in Pompeii just before Mount Vesuvius blows.

Wish us luck,



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