Why We Can’t WeChat? Insider information on new accounts

It is curious about how things work in the land that begins with a C and ends with an A. For quite a number of weeks opening new business accounts for WeChat have seemed to stall completely.  Since this is the new darling of Asia social media, that is quite a surprise. One would think this is the time to ramp up membership. To further add to the confusion, big news has been coming down about self-service advertising platforms which clearly suggests big plans for big money are still in the works.



We finally have a person on the inside spill the beans. It appears that the reason new accounts are on hold are due to restrictions by people who run C&A. It is completely unclear why this restriction is in place, but concerns by some on content shared by some that is not appreciated by all is as good a reason to believe in. Up until the recent suspension, to open a biz account you had to have a picture taken of an employee holding their ID card. I am not sure what this was to prove, but nuttier is always the favorite flavor of C&A.

Much success,



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