China, A Star is Born

China is like a new star being born. It is a huge gaseous all encompassing mass that seems to touch everything and then it starts to contract pulling back on itself getting denser and hotter until from its own weight fusion starts and at its core an almost endless cycle of sustained energy created.  While still generating huge outward energy, keeping smaller satellites in its grasp but needing nothing but itself to maintain.  China’s policies have been in place for thousands of years with little change. The Middle Kingdon has little interest in what lies beyond its borders except for those that pay them homage or to which they grant oblige by providing a taste of their magnificence. Today is not different. The Great Firewall is stronger than the Great wall ever was.

And China’s control of itself and influence on rest of world is complete. If trade export with China stopped the global damage would be far worse outside China than within. China is preparing with great ferocity for a China only world again. Good goods going in for sale must pass arbitrary standards, modern communication apps are denied, full stop and censure ship of the few social communication apps keep conversations polite or they stop! But China is taking much greater strides than this. They are building an internal economy that exists with complete absence from imports. During the recent baby milk scare, it was believe that imports of foreign (safe) baby formula increase huge as parents did what ever they could to safe guard their one baby. But government intervention through barriers and rumors actually forced a 2.2% decrease in foreign baby formula during this time and increased local sales. A recent article in the JIng daily has shown that local brands are quickly trumping foreign luxury brands for the cash of the China consumer. China customers have long demonstrated a preferred taste for local brands with many Western companies having failed to break into the China Market. But this is different. Now with greater access to brand information, outside media and extensive travel, they are still choosing domestic brands. China is a country imploding on itself. In many ways it always has, but this new financial and manufacturing strength may finally create a globe of 2 worlds.

Much success,



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