SME’s cooperative social marketing. The future is sharing

The statement “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole” is a well known and is usually true. About 6 years ago, my agency PRDA proposed to one of the largest hotel chains a strategy to create an immensely powerful digital network to promote their brand, manage CRM and collect consumer data at a level never before achieved with a cost that actually saved them money. Out of this comes a model to (I don’t like this word) DISRUPT the advertising landscape for SME’s in a revolutionary way.  I share the highlights of the proposal here because the hotel industries structure helped to create the framework, technology and expertise for the cooperative social media/ digital marketing model. Cooperative marketing is the next revolution for SME’s. Numbers are easiest to understand and communicate the benefit of this model quickly



  • Hotel chain has 5000 hotels around the world
  • Each hotel may have:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • WeChat
    • Instagram
    • Blog
  • Each hotel has approximately 10,000 real Fans. These are carefully cultivate Fans that have opted in based on interest in content and brand, not incentives or purchased.
  • These 10,000 Fans have an average organic reach at any given time of 50,000 people.
  • One message sent out:

50,000 * 5,000 = 250,000,000 organic views


  • Intensify application designed and built by PRDA
  • Centralized team providing:
    • Content and brand control from centralized team
    • Monitoring and analytics
  • Hotels provide 8 hours per month
    • Existing skill sets no new hires


  • Largest earned “owned” media network; global
  • Brand control
  • Fast and responsive (minutes not months)
  • Loyalty, viewers of content and “opt in”

Cost per message US$13,000

  • it is important to note that whereas the cost point is unattainable through any other media release, the brand control, ownership of the network, quality of viewers, and data are the real benefit



So how does this model designed for hotels benefit SME’s? The answer is simple, “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole”. In the above model, replace each Hotel with an SME. There are currently 25,000,000 SME’s active on Facebook alone. They all face similar difficulties:

  • Lack of resources and time
  • No budget
  • Skills for marketing/ digital marketing low to none

When the marketing potential of each is maximized using PRDA’s Intensify each SME receives the benefit of being part of a large network with efficiency, low cost and high reach with minimal contribution:


  • 8 hours per month
  • approximately US$600 dollars per month
    • Cheaper than print ads and more effective

25 million SME’s + 8 hours effort + US$600 per month + Facebook + Twitter + Sina Weibo + Pinterest + Instagram + Blogs + SERP =

largest cooperative advertising network based on organic

(real people doing real things) WOW!!!


This how Social Cooperation will change SME’s.

Much success,



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