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Granny’s getting her’s on Facebook: Demographic Targeting

Doug's Blog Granny Feb 20, 2015

The stories about the “Greying of Facebook” have been with us for quite sometime. The fact is that these stories are largely true. However, it is less about the demise of Facebook and more about the change in online behaviour, but most pundits don’t look too closely. The reasons are many such as the younger generations are using a wider variety of online apps to expand their digital experience and those that were first onto Facebook are quickly approaching a decade older. So much of the “Greying” is just biology. But then there is that the truly “older” are more active on social media largely because of increasing ease of overall use, sharing experiences with friends and family is common and as any activity becomes integral to our daily activities it reaches more people over time. But this is not the interesting part about Facebook getting older. What floats my boat is that the older generation are proving to be the most excited and active on Facebook. Marketers continue to focus on youth or the golden range of 24 – 45 earners. And if you want to get some BUZZ going you target the younger market. But it is getting clearer that Granny’s got the action!

Below are two profiles of Facebook pages from different industries showing the targeted Fans and the Fans that are really engaged. Let’s look at the fun stuff.

Profile 1: The business is well established and has a nice age range of Fans more women than men, but a much more natural distribution than Facebook’s. What we then see is who is showing the love.

PG FB Demo Jan 2015When it comes to engaging with content and being active in sharing, liking and building a community those with the senior citizen discounts are the big winners, 65+ rocks the charts.

PG FB Engaged Jan 2015

Profile 2: This next business shows a more gender balanced profile still nicely reflected along a wide age range. And though the increase in engagement for mature women is not as marked as the previous example is still shows a 100% over representation. That is, women age 55 – 65+ are less than 2% of the Fan base but engage at a rate twice that, 4%+. Where as across the board men’s engagement is under represented.

TGT FB Demo Jan 2015TGT FB Engaged Jan 2015

While this blog is about Grannies getting theirs on Facebook, it is really about the larger message. Demographic targeting is critical to marketing success. Tools are available to see deeper into the brand interaction. No longer is assumptions and guesses necessary or allowed. It is fine to want a certain demographic as your Fan, but it is not fine to ignore those that really are your Fans.

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Demographic targeting: Ditch your friends and kick out anyone that can’t pay the rent!

Fan quality has been a topic long avoided until now. Engagement rates plunging and advert rates skyrocketing and self proclaimed  “social media experts” clueless how to respond.

Doug's Blog Feb 10 Demographics

The second biggest request I get from new clients is “How do we fix this sh**!”. What they are referring to is the 10’s or 100’s of thousands of Fans that clog their social profile and deliver no results. With Engagement rates crashing and adverts cost skyrocketing it is now a big concern to have dead weight on profiles. There was a time that companies paid agencies big dollars to treat social media like it was a huge party with hosted bar and everyone was invited. Come to my page, drink big, play big, no worries. But now that the proverbial chickens are coming home to roost and the companies are being handed a bar tab that looks like the debt of a third world nation and the only people left at the party are the dregs. They’re not thinking “did I invite them?” they’re thinking “who the hell let them in!” and then it becomes WTF! time.

My dad used to tell me the best way to get out of trouble is not to get into trouble to start with. Well he and I were never good on taking advice, but the message still holds true. Here are several ways to look at demographics to make sure you are getting the right audience and then followed by a case example.

  • Do NOT invite your friends! Most people the first thing they do is invite everyone they know to Like their page. Do NOT do this! Your friends already know what you do they don’t need to be cutting into your limited Reach provided by Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. A message only gets seen by small % of your Fans, make sure it is Fans that really should see it. Besides friends are famous for saying things like “stop posting so much, I already know what you do and I am getting tired of seeing your messages”. What!? you are in business to make money, not entertain your friends. Get them off your page and go buy them beer and pizza instead.
  • Contests and Freebies are bad for your page. There are 2 kinds of people in the world. Those with no time and lots of money and those with no money and lots of time. Which do you want your customers to be? If you picked the first then you have already answered this question. If you have a big giveaway where anybody can have a chance to win by running around town taking Instagram photos, tagging them and posting to your Facebook page. Which kind of people do you think will participate the most? Yes, the second type. The first type “your choice” is motivated by quality content, good service, consistent posting. Go ahead and have a big promotional event on social media. It is great for brand building and launching events and products. Just don’t have people Like your page as part of it. Trust me you want them to flit away after because I guarantee when you offer then next free thing, they will return. No sense having them camped out on your page just waiting.
  • Know  your demographic, you may think you know your customer, but do you really? I find all too often that clients want to prejudge who is their target market. And as a starting point that is o.k. but without ongoing review of the data and continually looking for new avenues to existing customers or create new opportunities (growth hacking) you will not be making the most of your effort and money. Case study:

The graphs below represented different views of a Hong Kong Pub’s demographic. The top graph looks like a Pub might. Heavy on on males skewing upward toward a nice pint of lager.

TGT FB Demo Jan 2015

This second graph shows who saw the posts most and it is clear that the women are far more represented than the Fan demographics would suggest.

TGT FB Reached Jan 2015

The third graph show the Fans that engaged with the posts (Like, Comment or Share) and the women population still shows strong gains over men.

TGT FB Engaged Jan 2015

Lastly we see the most impressive. Checkins are the holy grail of Facebook and Women are champs.

TGT FB Checkins Dec 2014


Quality of Fans is more important than ever. The cost of marketing makes targeting the correct demographic critical. Social media for business has never been about any Fan for any reason, unfortunately too many poorly skilled or unscrupulous “social media experts” managed to convince many it was. Now is the time to focus and this is a good thing. Your Fans/ customers deserve your attention and in return will reward you.

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One world two systems: Three areas of divide Culture, Technology, Internal trade

These daze it seems all that it bright and sparkly either is news from China or made in China. We not all is a shiny and bright at it may seem. And no this is not a blog on the crippling smog in China. It is about something much more subtle but equally damaging. Please note that I am not making an indictment for or against China’s position I am merely going to describe it so business persons can make informed choices about commerce in or with China.Dougs Blog great firewall of china


Last week I attended a Salon hosted by Marc and Chantall a highly respected branding agency. The topic was the phenomenon of travel of Mainland Chinese. 100 million Chinese travelled outside the country in 2014 and the numbers go up and up. What is more interesting than the huge numbers wanting to travel outside the country is there reasons. The top reasons presented at the Salon was to see and be part of different cultures. A holiday was to truly “leave China”. A few of the sights from the salon are here. This in itself is not curious as many tourists look to alternative holidays to escape the common, but none as many as in China. Now the queer bit, this same week Beijing announced that textbooks that portrayed Western lifestyle would be banned from schools as reported by the Business Insider. So the curiosity is why so many Chinese are eager to leave “China” and the government is willing to let them then what exactly is the purpose of censuring textbooks?

Summary: Chinese are crazy to leave their country and experience new things. The marketing opportunity is to capture this opportunity. The home court advantage is where you can really shine.


The great “Firewall” of China has been in place since the beginning of Internet. It had been used to provide added benefit to China apps by limiting the effectiveness of other world apps. Baidu is the best example. For 10 years it was, for all intents and purposes, the only search engine in China. And with a business plan no more complicated than copy Google they still couldn’t find their ass with both hands tied behind their back. Some search engine. But Baidu was not built to be an effective search engine, it was designed to effectively filter and manage information. Google is now blocked in China including gmail and related apps. Instagram was the first app to have a native API to Sina Weibo, now shut down. Facebook has been shut out except for some rare opening that are more for show than use. Recently VPN traffic has been closed and now China is effectively  isolated from the digital world. Many have placed hopes on WeChat to reach the mainland audience and businesses are flocking to China agencies to help them set up and run WeChat accounts. What most don’t know is that without a Mainland China Business Registration your WeChat account will NOT reach the Mainland users. It is restricted to “Rest of world”. So as RenRen, Sina Weibo and Alibaba reach out to the West with IPO’s eager for new revenue sources, the China government says “It is a one way street going out only!”

Summary: China is a world unto itself. The only way to effectively reach China is through engaging with China travellers or to develop a separate strategy in China based exclusively on its digital norms and apps.

Freedom of Trade in China:

It is often a struggle for rest of world business to compete inside Mainland China. More than ten Years ago my boss at IBM made the statement “I can buy all the market share you want, but I can not earn you a profit”.  Whereas the finality of that statement might not have been completely true its message is clear and unchanged. Rest of world brands are finding narrowing margins and sliding sales as costs in China continue to rise and local brands enjoy better treatment and acceptance. An interview on Econsultancy with Clarins Head of Digital Julien Chiavassa describes clearly the challenges faced. The limited amount of sites to promote products form an almost monopoly that force ever higher tariffs as profits rise essentially neutralizing profit and incentive. From additional regulations, to limited sources for promotion and many other barriers, China systematically removes incentives to operate in China and it is getting worse not better. The direction China is taking is to replace rest of world brands with China brands. I have interviewed and talked to many rest of world brands, luxury, hotel, clothing, you name it and when I ask how are you “your company” doing in China. I am lucky if I get an “its ok”.


If you are doing business in China for anything other than export, good luck.

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